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Daily Topics

Day 1

The #1 thing that matters in bed.

If you want to know the secret to being the BEST lover she's ever had, let us give you a little hint and say that it’s not your performance. Trust us, we know!

Your ability to FEEL has the biggest impact on your bedroom activities and we're want to help you understand what that means and how it will impact your sex life.


Day 2
Conscious Relating 

Deeper intimacy starts HERE.

Learning how to identify, deal with and understand our childhood triggers, as well as how to support the nervous system are some of THE most important factors when it comes to cultivating healthy, conscious relationships. 

We're going to give you some tools you can use to dive deeper into HOW you relate.


Day 3

Find your inner KING.

We want to talk about the importance of your mission/purpose and dive DEEP into stories that connect your worthiness to your performance.

We're going to guide you on how to source your enoughness from within because it’s not what you SHOULD do, it’s about owning what makes you feel good.


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🔥Do you want to step up fully in your power and show up the best you can, and not always clear anymore what this is or how to get there? 


🔥 Do you want to learn more about what it means for the masculine to really connect to the feminine, and no longer at the expense of himself?


🔥 Are you craving deeper intimacy and more fulfilling romantic connections with current or future partners?


🔥 Do you want to become the man that she craves?


🔥 Do you find it hard to understand women and wish you had a way to understand them better in order to create more harmony in your relationships? 


🔥 Are you a man who is ready to step into your next-level leadership but are not sure where to begin?

From the Creators of the Initiation 

Amanda Biccum 

Evolutionary Embodiment Mentor

Sophie Josephina 

Conscious Sex & Relating Coach

Over 500 people have already received this transmission!


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We created this powerful AF challenge because we know what's possible when the Masculine & Feminine truly understand each other.

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